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I've ALREADY Seen Enough!
In fact, I've been searching everywhere for a book this good!

Yes, I want to know how to get girls now!


Dear Friend,

Has there ever been a time when you saw a smokin’ hot girl that you wanted to get with, but you couldn’t, because you didn’t know what to say or do to strike up a decent conversation with her?

For most men, it’s the ultimate dream to be able to have an abundance of hot women to have sex with at any given time. Beyond the sex, it would be great to just be able to naturally have the confidence in yourself to know that when you are attracted to a woman, you can easily make her yours.

I’m not going to lie, it’s tough as hell for the average man to pick up a woman, and even harder to have sex with her that night. You’re going up to someone you have no business talking to, and planning to persuade her to have sex with you. How would that not be hard? It’s two steps away from being a slimy used car salesman.

What’s worse, when you actually look for advice on meeting women online, you get an endless array of “suggested” pick up lines, mostly from guys who have never stepped away from their computer to actually experience both the thrills and struggles of approaching a woman to start a sexual relationship with her.

It’s confusing, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

How I Learned To Seduce The Hottest Women

I was once in your position, on websites, eagerly searching ways to get laid. It wasn’t just about the sex. It was about the power… the power to go out on any given night and know beyond a doubt that I could find a girl, seduce her, and either end up with a steamy date the next day, or an even steamier time at my apartment that night.

I wanted to become a master, so I paid thousands of dollars for “one on one” time with every certifiable pick-up master I could find. There are not as many of these as you might think. Most of the top “pick-up” coaches in the industry are either in long term relationships where they rarely meet women…

or they’re flat out lying about their skills. I quickly found out who was the real deal, and who wasn’t… and practiced every possible way to meet women I could find… for five straight years.

Once I got up to the level of being able to effortlessly pull women back to my pad every weekend, I found what was wrong with almost all of the pickup tactics out there:

Stop being funny and start being sexual

It was shocking for me to discover that even though the end goal of meeting women was to get laid, almost everyone teaching men how to talk to women were having them act the opposite of their sexual nature.

Most men pull their punches when getting down and dirty with a woman. They’re embarrassed to let a woman know they want to sleep with them, and this is why they fail. Here’s the deal:

So how can you get girls in bed quickly and easily?

I understand that some of you will be excited to take girls home from the bar or club right away, while others will prefer to take their phone numbers and meet them another time. Both are perfectly fine approaches and I’ll show you how to do both in my ebook.

Read What Others Have to Say


“Wow guys! I am so lucky I heard about this website. I have honestly been trying to get laid for the past year. I've been going out and trying my best to meet people. I just had no idea what I was doing.

You guys have broken this down into a science. It's crazy to think about it. It's like learning anything else. Honestly it reminds me of back when I would get online personal training. Except that never got me laid."

Gene Kim,
San Diego, CA

“To be honest I was pretty skeptical when I first came across your site. But I was 23 and had never been in a relationship before and knew I needed to do something about it.

I started using Kamo's tools just 3 weeks ago, and I've already been on 2 dates with girls that I would normally consider way out of my league. My confidence is through the roof. It's all so simple. I spent all of my time working on my business skills and learning how to make a more efficient business. You guys have spent all your time learning how to make yourself more efficient at getting women.


Steven Millen ,
Pittsburgh, PA







What makes this program different? Here is what
you’ll learn in the Get a Girlfriend Book:

Your First Five Seconds Meeting Her

  • How to go out alone and still have as much fun meeting women as if you were out with friends.
  • The secret of making your fear of approaching completely melt away. Once you have this handled, you’ll get good up to 600% faster.
  • The Six Types Of Opening Lines – and when to use each of them. We’ll give you word for word examples to get started with right away!
  • What to say when a woman is across the room and you have no excuse for why you came up to her
  • The secret power of telling a woman she’s sexy in the first second of meeting her
  • What to say when you have absolutely no idea “what to say”.
  • How to get yourself into a “chatty” mode that gives you an endless array of things to talk about.
  • The “Annoying Friend Destroyer.” If you’ve ever had a girl’s friend drag her away from you, or simply just get in your face, this trick will forever change the way you talk to women.
  • How to confidently and easily approach groups that have MEN in them. Even if there’s four guys surrounding one girl, you can easily get alone with her… and even get the men to help you close the deal!
  • The easiest way to quickly find out if a girl has a boyfriend in the club with her – and if he’s standing right next to you!
  • How to make a woman feel special even if you couldn’t tell the difference between her and the last 27 girls you talked to.

Creating A Powerful Mindset That Draws Women To You Naturally

  • How to have a true “abundance mentality” whether you have women in your life or not. Even if you’re a virgin, this mental exercise will prove to your subconscious mind that you can have any woman you want.
  • The only place true confidence comes from, and how to tap into it. Once you’ve figured this out, walking up to women fearlessly becomes a joke.
  • The key to being able to walk away from a woman at any time… and know that in seconds, she’ll beg you to come back.
  • The revolutionary “heart monitor” exercise that lets you know exactly who you’re trying too hard to impress, and how to neutralize it.
  • How to set a “blueprint” for what kind of woman you’re looking for, and then almost magically attract women like that into your life.

Kissing and Touching A Woman To Drive Her Wild

  • How to develop a strikingly accurate “kiss intuition” that lets you know exactly when a woman is ready for you to kiss her. The “head turn” becomes a thing of the past.
  • What to do when a girl rejects your attempt to kiss her. If you handle this right, you make her rejection an advantage, and the rest of the night becomes ten times easier.
  • The exact amount of touching you can get away with in every stage of the seduction. Chances are you’re not going anywhere near what you are capable of!
  • How to do sexual touching moves like hair pulling and neck-biting right away and in public, without making her friends concerned!
  • How to get a girl hot and bothered on the dance floor… Even if you have NO IDEA how to dance! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got no rhythm, or if you’re deaf and can’t even hear the music. Follow the 3 Rules of Dancefloor Game and you will be making out with her in minutes!


Mastering The Art Of Taking Girls Home Every Weekend

  • THE EXACT WORDS you need to invite a girl or group of girls back to your place after a club. After Parties aren’t planned, they’re made right on the spot.
  • The Hidden Power of Alcohol: Everyone says “don’t drink when you’re meeting girls,” but there are two situations where not drinking will destroy your chances of going home with anyone that night. Find out when that situation is.
  • The only four bottles you need in your house to have women decide ‘this is where the party’s at!’
  • How to make a woman comfortable sleeping over even if she just met you an hour ago.
  • The exact type of music you need to play to make sure the women don’t fall out of party mode. (Even ONE wrong song can make women get bored and look around thinking “What Am I doing Here?”)

Making Your Cell Phone A Magnet For Her Number

  • How to make it so easy and discreet for a girl to give you her number, that even her boyfriend wouldn’t worry if he watched you exchange phone numbers with her.
  • The three steps needed in any phone number exchange to make sure she remembers you and wants to see you again. Miss one of these, and you’re going straight to voicemail for life!
  • The real cause of what makes a woman give a fake number, and how to make sure it never again happens to you.
  • The Five-Point Checklist you need to have covered before you even think about asking a woman for her number. If you hit all five points, flakes are nearly impossible!
  • How to plan a hot date with her the same night you meet her… so getting her phone number is simply an afterthought!
  • What to do when she says “I don’t give my number out” or “Take my email instead.” This is EMERGENCY DAMAGE CONTROL, and the next thing you say will make or break your relationship with her!
60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I also understand that I have a full 60 days to return the product for any reason or no reason if it doesn’t totally transform my success with women. This outrageous guarantee states:

  • I am guaranteed to have sex with a woman of my choice within six weeks of ordering
  • If this does not happen, I am encouraged to email the support staff right away to get my full refund. I am still allowed to keep the Advanced Sexualizing Strategies either way.

Getting Her Hot On The Phone And Dying To See You Again

  • How long to wait before calling her. If you’re following the “Swingers” two day rule, you’re probably losing 80% of your women!
  • The absolute minimum amount of time you should be on the phone with any girl. Go too low, and you’ll never hear from her again. Even correcting just this will make you 80% more likely to get her out on a date!
  • The body position and time of day that gives you the deepest, sexiest, and most resonant voice possible. Even if you sound like Mickey Mouse, these simple instructions will have you sounding like James Bond.
  • The “secret list” of conversational topics that will always give you something to say when you call. If your mind is blank, just glance at these five points, and you’re good to go.
  • The sneaky blatantly unfair tactic of tricking a girl into saying “I love you” on your first phone call. If you do this right, the seed is planted in her subconscious mind that you and her now belong together…
  • How to quickly switch back and forth between seductively steaming her panties and charmingly melting her heart… you’ll get her sex drive and emotions so wild she has to see you again!
  • Texting demystified! Texting can either keep you on a girl’s mind all day, or give her an excuse to never get on the phone with you again. Find out how to do it right!

Getting Her To See You Again… 100% Ready For Action

  • How to get women to meet at your place, every time. There’s no “pick me up at 7.” Every date begins and ends at your place.
  • How to set up a date that pre-assumes she’ll be on your couch with you, drinking alcohol. The days of “wondering if she’ll come inside” are over. It’s all taken care of.
  • Be “Gold Digger Proof” – Control exactly how much you spend on a date. Even if she orders everything off the menu, you know exactly what to say to protect your wallet
  • A $10 piece of fabric you can get at Target that will make your date feel she’s already in bed with you, just by sitting on your couch

Closing The Deal… Quickly And Easily

  • The exact three things you need to have in your house or apartment to make a woman feel comfortable spending the night. If even one of these is missing, she might leave… even if she’s dying to have sex with you.
  • How to move a woman from sweetly kissing on your couch to ripping clothes off in your bed. That move from the couch to the bed is just one last mile, but it is a VERY long mile if you don’t know how to do this.
  • What to do when a woman says “no” when you try to remove any part of her clothing.
  • How a quick adjustment of lighting can make a woman feel comfortable undressing in front of you… even if she’s insecure about her body.
  • How to bust through a woman’s fear about being a “slut” for sleeping with you so soon.
  • The unbelievably unfair tactic of making sure a woman is in the easiest clothing for you to take off… before you even make a move!
  • The one secret weapon that nearly guarantees a woman will have sex with you, if she’s on the fence about deciding.
Here’s What You’re Going to Get...

You get the best dating book ever released on the market, the Get a Girlfriend…. with an iron-clad guarantee that you will get laid with a super hottie in six weeks or less. This is a book that I slaved away on… putting my best material in for you to get with as many women in as short a time as possible. And all this is just for… $199.95 $4.95.

But to make this deal even better for you…. I am offering you a special bonus report. - FOR FREE!
I’ve added a special secret bonus document for you “advanced” guys who aren’t satisfied with pulling home women on a regular basis, adding techniques and strategies that will totally superpower your seduction to get girls in bed within record time.
Included in this BONUS Special Report
The key to making the “switch” from you chasing the woman to her aggressively trying to get your clothes off.
How to make a woman want to go home with you, simply by letting her know that when she’s with you, society’s rules “don’t matter.”
How to let a woman know that you won’t judge her for putting out. Fear of looking like a slut is the one thing that stops most guys from getting laid the same night. Get rid of that, and you’re golden.
Sexual humor as a seduction tool. Most guys who make sexual jokes look either clowny or creepy. If you use these guidelines, then she’ll be the one planning how she’ll get you alone.
An unbelievably powerful imagination process that gets a woman to tell you how sexually aggressive she is… and then prove it!
An easy-to-remember yet devastatingly seductive script that when said to a woman, allows her to show her wild side.
Much Much More!

That's a TOTAL Value of $299.98

Yours for Just $199.99 $4.95

If you’re ready to attract beautiful women and get yourself a hot girlfriend, then it’s time to take the next step…
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I'll try it out for a full 21-days without risking a dime. And I'll be charged the remaining $43.04 if I decide to keep the program after the trial period ends, and my card will NEVER be charged again.

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Are You Ready To Start Attracting Girls
Quickly, Easily, and Effortlessly?
Yes! I am ready to kiss my old life goodbye and start dating and sleeping with more hot women than I ever imagined.
I understand that I get an instantly downloadable ebook within minutes of ordering that will teach me how to:
  • Approach beautiful women, day or night, in any environment
  • Give myself a rock solid confidence that will draw women in wherever I go
  • Create a plan from A to Z in meeting a woman and having sex with her as quickly as possible
  • Make sex an easy, predictable outcome with any woman I go out with.
  • Do all this without having to spend nearly any money buying drinks, taking girls out on dates, or anything else.
I also understand that I get a free bonus report, “Advanced Sexualization Strategies”. This will teach me:
  • The secrets to setting a sexual frame from the beginning
  • How to get a woman to ignore society’s rules about what a woman “should” do, and allow her to have sex right away
  • How to help a woman unleash her sexual side so last minute resistance becomes a thing of the past
I also understand that I have a full 60 days to return the product for any reason or no reason if it doesn’t totally transform my success with women. This outrageous guarantee states:
  • I am guaranteed to have sex with a woman of my choice within six weeks of ordering
  • If this does not happen, I am encouraged to email the support staff right away to get my full refund. I am still allowed to keep the Advanced Sexualizing Strategies either way.
I’m ready to get started now and can’t wait to have
the new women in my life.

And get the Get a Girlfriend book, a Bonus Special Report
and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

To Your Many Successes With Women,

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